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Kinderland Preschool Surabaya believes in providing the best bilingual early education programme for young children from the age of 2 years old to 6 years old. We model Piaget’s theory on constructivist learning and support discovery learning by providing a wide variety of concrete experiences. Our educators value Vygotsky’s theory of the Zone of Promixal Development (ZPD) and scaffold young children’s ability and facilitate them to achieve skills and solve problem independently.

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Kinderland Surabaya celebrates International Friendship Day and KinderChef 2015

Bonjour! Hello! Selamat Pagi! Ni hao! Buongiorno! Ahn-nyong-ha-se-yo! Kinderland Preschool Surabaya celebrated its International Friendship Day and KinderChef 2015 last Friday, 23 October. The students and teachers graced the school with their colorful outfits from various countries, and greeted everyone in different languages. The Pre-Nursery Creative class then wowed the crowd with their Indonesian dance, […]

Director’s Message

Parents always want their children to be in a school that provides the best education; makes a difference in their life; provides a well-chosen curriculum; and, where teachers are willing to spend time creating and molding the children to become wonderful adults in the future.

- Tanny Chen Ying


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